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Unlock the Potential of Your Customer Intelligence with Fletum.

Step into the epicenter of innovation and control.

Transform Your Marketing Data with Fletum

Meet Fletum, your new partner in marketing success. We know that handling data can be complex and time-consuming. That's why Fletum is here to make things simple.

With Fletum, you can send all your customer information to one place, in real-time. It's like having a personal assistant for your customer data, built just for today's fast-paced business world.

But we don't stop at collecting data. Fletum takes care of the hard work for the processing this data, so you can focus on what really matters: understanding your customers and growing your business. Imagine having all your important information ready at your fingertips, in seconds. That's what Fletum offers.

Join us, and see how Fletum can make your marketing data work for you, not the other way around.

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Empower Your Marketing with Fletum

A Partner You Can Rely On

Say Goodbye to Complicated Connections

Are you worn out from juggling countless API connections for your marketing and sales data? Fletum is here to take that burden off your shoulders. Let us handle the complexity, so you can focus on what you do best.

Unlock the Real Power of Your Marketing

With Fletum, you can finally see the full picture of your advertising, marketing, and CRM efforts. Discover which campaigns truly drive value and make a difference. No more guessing – just clear insights.

Invest Wisely, Achieve More

Stop throwing your budget at random channels. Fletum helps you identify the top-performing ones by linking them to real results in your CRM. Make smarter decisions, and watch your marketing thrive.

Bring Everything Together

CRM Data & Website Data: Easily see what's working and what's not. High-Quality Offers: Fletum shows you which channels and campaigns deliver the best leads, so you can invest more in what works.

No More Worries About Broken Connections

Fletum's specialized integration ensures real-time data connections that are always accurate and up-to-date. No more surprises, just dependable data.

200+ Connectors and Growing

Choose from our extensive library of ready-to-use connectors, or let our team create a custom one just for you. With Fletum, the possibilities are endless.

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and take control of your marketing like never before. We're here to support you every step of the way.

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Three Key Steps to Power Up Your Fletum Experience!


3-4 Month


1-2 Month



Data Integration & Validation

Model & UI Configuration

Training & User Testing

Continuous KPI Tracking

Step 1

Assess Operations

Analyze Current Operations
Solidify Project Requirements
Get Approval for Initial Design

Step 2

Validate Data Model

Establish a Clean and Reliable Data Foundation
Create Seamless Integrations and Automated Workflows

Step 3

Deploy Fletum

Initial Version Setup
Data Consistency Check
Data Gap Closur

Step 4

Prepare Take-off

Validate SMEs
Finalize Integration & Automation
Design UAT
Sign-Off: Validation Report

Step 5

Go Live

Process & Capability Validation
Finalize Integration & Automation
Design UAT Plan
Approve Validation Report


Rich Connectors

There are hundreds of connectors that can run on many different engines based on APIs.

Batch & Realtime Integration

Perfect compatibility with offline synchronization, real-time synchronization, and full/incremental synchronization scenarios. Supports visual development and code development.

Collaborating with Technology Partners

for Your Success

At Fletum, we believe in the power of collaboration and integration. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless user experience that transcends boundaries, and our Technology Partners play a vital role in making that happen.

  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Yandex Clickhouse
  • Microsoft Azure

Connecting with Industry Leaders

From major marketing and advertising platforms to cutting-edge email and messaging solutions, we've forged partnerships with the best in the business. Also our connections span across all major cloud platforms.

Why It Matters to You

These partnerships aren't just about technology; they're about enhancing your success. By working closely with our Technology Partners, we ensure that you have access to the latest tools and insights, all integrated smoothly into your ecosystem.

A Unified Experience

With Fletum, you're not just getting a product; you're joining a network of innovation and expertise. Our partnerships enable us to offer you a unified experience that's tailored to your needs, whether you're looking to expand your marketing reach, streamline your sales process, or uncover new opportunities.

  • Lifecell
  • Alfa-Bank
  • CCI
  • MTN
  • Paycell
  • Diageo
  • Soft Tech

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